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Secondary Classes will be Closed in Kathmandu till January 29 Due to COVID

 A covid-19 crisis management coordination center (CCMCC) meeting held on Sunday decided to close physical class of secondary level till Magh 15 (January 29). This suggestion will be implemented only after the decision of the concerned minister.

The government has decided to restrict gathering in a public place. There will also be a high chance of smart lockdown in different districts to ensure stopping covid-19. CCMCC has also urgent to all students in the Kathmandu valley for children aged between 12 and 17.


Again, the situation is getting a little unhealthy here in Nepal. Covid cases are increasing and the RTPCR test getting to increase. The first step of covid impacted already in Kathmandu, Secondary Classes will be Closed in Kathmandu till January 29 Due to COVID.


The Chances of Lockdown in Nepal

The chances of Lockdown increases as the new variant is spreading at a high speed. This is the third year of COVID impacted us and we have already incurred several losses in terms of lives and living. People have lost families and friends and business shuts down and unemployment increases. The situation getting serious, and it is getting hard for people to cope with especially with low-income people.


Will Nepal go for the full-fledge lockdown in the coming days? Not sure but hope this will not happen, if this happens then there will be several losses that people have to bear. The concerned must cooperate and manage the situations and do smart lockdown.


Lockdown Stops Economic development

The lockdown will slow down the economic activities and this will impact us in several ways. Hope the lockdown does not expand and we must be accountable and responsible for not spreading the COVID. We must take care of ourselves and our surroundings and spread love, not Corona. So concluding yes the elementary school will be closed physically in Kathmandu. 

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