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For those individuals who want to support FACE Nepal, but whose personal commitments do not allow them to come to Nepal to volunteer, sponsorship opportunities are available in almost any format. Most popular sponsorship options are:

In line with our desire for transparency, our sponsorship programs:

  • Encourage direct communication between recipients and donors
  • Encourage donor involvement and visitation
  • Offer full cost transparency so that you know where each dollar of your money is going.

Child Sponsorship Program

FACE Nepal works to match sponsors with children in Nepal, to ensure that they recieve funding for education. Without sponsorship, these childrens' parents would not be able pay the costs of sending thier children to school. By sponsoring a child, you are transforming thier future prospects for the better. Sponsors are needed to provide the gift of education to impoverished children.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

FACE Nepal wants to ensure that an individual sponsor directly contributes to the education of an individual child, rather than thier contribution going into a 'pot' for sponsorship

As a result, the amount of annual sponsorship will vary from child to child dependant on a number of factors, notably thier age.

As an indicative amount, to sponsor a child through elementary school for a year will cost between 125 and 190 US dollars. We have recently reassessed our costs to ensure we are charging sponsors a price covering only direct costs of sponsorship (with some minor overheads- see cost breakdown) Lower Secondary and Secondary school pupils will cost slightly more. When you register your desire to sponsor, we will choose the next child on our list of worthy candidates and provide you with a description of this child and an annual cost specific to them before you commit. If you have any preferences (for example, a maxmium annual contribution you can make), please specify this when submitting the registration form.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is only truly effective if it continues for the duration for the child's time at school. Therefore, we request sponsors to be committed to supporting the child until they graduate from Grade Ten, in order to provide the child with a true foundation of education. Therefore sponsor financial relationships can last up to eleven years, depending on the age of the child at the time of sponsorship, though the real relationships can last for a lifetime. Should circumstances arise where the sponsor is unable to continue thier sponsorship we request that they advise us as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements.

Sponsors are encouraged to provide thier donations annually, and we will provide sponsors with revised costs, based on that child's new class/grade, each year.

some sponsors have chosen to support thier child through two years in college once thier time in school is complete. This is of course optional for sponsors as it costs up to $400 per year. Should a sponsor not wish to do this, FACE Nepal will find alternative funding

What contact will I have with my child?

Feedback reports on the health and well-being of your child will be sent on an annual basis. These show the improvements that your contribution is making to this child's life. Should you want an update between these reports- whether on a specific issue or generally, you are encouraged to email us at info@facenepal.org and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible

We encourage contact between you and your sponsored child, via a local community resident, and can also provide support to you should you wish to visit your sponsored child via a community liaison officer.

I want to sponsor- what are the next steps?

If you are interested in looking at this sponsorship option please contact us with any remaining queries or submit a registration form. It is important to note that costs for schooling fees and other sponsored areas will vary slightly by region, by age group and will occasionally change with inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. Due to this diversity we will provide you with a quotation for you to approve with details of the child, the cost breakdown and any other relevant details. When the child's needs change or if other costs vary significantly i.e. the child moves from primary to secondary school or the exchange rate has a major shift, an updated fee structure will be sent to you for approval.

What will my sponsorship cover?

The figures attached here indicate the prices charged for Child Sponsorship and the breakdown of these costs. It is not intended that this service create an income stream for FACE Nepal to invest in projects. This service has been price structured to breakeven only. The scholarship and medical contributions however offer an additional funds account to FACE Nepal to assist in meeting community needs to these sponsored children.

Other Options

We would gladly welcome any sponsors who would like to extend thier sponsorship to include contribution to a savings fund for scholarship (to allow the child to go to university) or contribution to a savings fund for any medical treatment the child may require. Please contact us (info@facenepal.org) for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I have heard that there are Government and Private schools in Nepal- can I pay for a child to go to private school?

The government schooling system is a subsidized education option, whereas the Private schools, also known as boarding schools, are independent operators. It is commonly regarded that the education standard in private schools is much higher than government schools as their teacher to student ratio is generally much greater.

2. What does sponsoring Government School Fees include?

Please see the above table for a breakdown. All fees are paid by FACE Nepal direct to the supplier.

3. When I sponsor a child, where does my money go i.e. to the family or to FACE Nepal?

In order to control the appropriate funding distribution all sponsored money goes into a FACE Nepal account and the sponsor recipient is advised of their funding entitlements The school will be informed so that fee requests are sent directly to FACE Nepal for payment. Likewise, accounts will be opened with local providers for the child to purchase their books, uniforms etc. The bills are sent directly to FACE Nepal for payment. In the case of tiffin an account is likewise established at the school canteen.

4. What overheads do I pay for?

FACE Nepal charges 2,000 rupees (approx $20-30) per sponsor per year for contribution to our staff costs (1.5 FTE). Our two paid staff pay monthly visits to the sponsor children to check on progress; and are responsible for organising the delivery of materials; and helping volunteers to write annual reports. We also levy a small charge to cover bank fees for international funds transfer (approx $5-$7 per child per year)

5. Talk me through the medical elements covered by the sponsorship

We provide each sponsor recipient two doctor visits per year. We also provide a fund for basic medication; as well as an ambulance trip to a local hospital if needed. This fee does not include costs of more significant medicine or treatment or travel to a Kathmandu hospital.

6. Where can I get a cost breakdown for other grades?

Please contact us at info@facenepal.org

7. I can't use the registration form

Try choosing file-save as and then save as a word document. If this fails, email us at info@facenepal.org and we'll send you a Microsoft Word copy as soon as possible.

8. How do I contact my sponsored child?

In every region where FACE Nepal offers sponsorships a regional community representative is selected. These appointments are of respected people within the local village who have a basic level of English speaking and writing skills. These appointments are voluntary positions. These appointments are responsible for receiving, screening (for child safety purposes) and translating your correspondence. They will also receive, screen and translate (if necessary) the correspondence from your sponsored child, or their guardian, back to you.

9. How are sponsor recipients selected?

As part of the role of the Advisory Group a Community Development Plan is established each year and approved by the International Board of Directors. This plan selects the prioritized regions to receive support. Within the selected regions each child is matched against a set of eligibility criteria based primarily on their financial situation. It is then the goal of FACE Nepal to provide each eligible member in this community with sponsorship.

10. Will the sponsor costs always stay the same?

No. As your child progresses through school, their fees change, local supplier costs may be renegotiated, exchange rates may vary etc.In the event of minor changes your payment format will not be adjusted, however if the change is significant you will be contacted with an explanation and a request to review your payment format. No changes will be made without your consent.

11. Can I send my child gifts?

Yes and your child can send you ones subject to being cleared by the local community representative. We always suggest that gifts you send are not excessivly expensive. This is to prevent any issues with siblings who are not sponsored, or other children in the community. We also ask that such gifts do not require maintenance costs i.e. batteries can be expensive for a sponsor family. If you have any questions about your gifts you are welcome to contact FACE Nepal and we can also check to ensure your gift reached the intended recipient upon our visits to the village.

12. What communication from my sponsored child will I have?

This is discretionary subject to your child and/or their guardian. FACE Nepal advise sponsor recipients that they must correspond at a minimum of once per year to ensure you are kept abreast of their progress. Postage costs can however be an occasional deterrent for more frequent contact, but FACE Nepal provides a basic level of postage stamps to the local representative to cover this minimum consumption.

13. There is a lot of publicity around the misallocation of sponsorship funds, how can I verify the credibility of this sponsorship program?

In the design of this program we have endeavored to make it transparent and verifiable. The school fees and other costs can be personally researched and verified and your correspondence with the local community representative can also be used to check your fund dispersion. We have deliberately made this position a voluntary appointment (the appointment is made by the community and not FACE Nepal ) in a hope to ensure their interest is in the development of their village. FACE Nepal then act as an auditing body to check that the child is receiving all that they need and the FACE Nepal Board of Directors and Advisory Group audit the operational activities of FACE Nepal .

In addition, you are also welcome to visit your sponsored child and/or their family if you are ever in the vicinity. If you choose to do this FACE Nepal are happy to assist you with arranging any accommodation and other support in Nepal for you. Visits will be planned through FACE Nepal with FACE Nepal members in attendance.

14 . Outside of my regular sponsorship, can I give additional financial donations to my sponsored child or their family and if so, how will I know that all my money has reached them?

If you wish to give additional money to your preferred community, family, or child we recommend that you send the money via FACE Nepal and specify where you would like the money to go. Again, we would encourage against any excessive contributions, in order to minimise any issues within the community. If you wish money to be given directly to a family, a representative of FACE Nepal will deliver the cash to them upon the receipt of your cheque or money transfer. It is not safe to send money directly and most rural families do not have their own direct bank accounts. We are happy however for you to verify directly with the intended recipient their receipt of the full donated amount to ensure the integrity of the internal transfer.

15. What happens if my sponsored child completes their schooling or no longer requires my direct support for some reason?

In the event the situation of your sponsored child changes FACE Nepal will contact you and ask you if you would like to continue your sponsorship with another child or complete your support.

16. There is no mention of living costs covered in my sponsorship, are my fees contributing to the family at all?

Your sponsorship only covers the items mentioned in the table above but we can assure you that this contribution provides a major source of assistance to families. In Nepal the actual living costs of families are very low and it is the schooling, clothing, medical assistance and other like areas where they primarily need help. With the support of volunteers, donations and project work, FACE Nepal endeavors to assist families in improving their actual living standards but due to control and funding allocation challenges we did not deem it appropriate to try and incorporate this into the child sponsorship program.

17. How should I make my payments?

FACE Nepal prefers payments to be made in an annual payment to their nominated account in order to reduce money transfer costs and ensure that the funds are regularly available to meet the bill payments of the sponsored child. If for some reason this format is not acceptable to you please contact us to discuss other options.

18. If I do not speak English or Nepali, how can I communicate with my sponsored child?

In the event that you wish to communicate with your sponsored child with translation from an alternative language you will need to send your correspondence via FACE Nepal Administration Office and we will rely on our network of international volunteers to support in the translation of your correspondence to and from your sponsored child.

19. Can I email my sponsored child or their family?

For the safety of the sponsored child we do not permit correspondence in this form directly between the sponsor and the sponsor recipient. In addition, many village children do not have access to computer and internet facilities.

20. Can I select my child from a photograph?

FACE Nepal discourages this form of selection as we do not want to discriminate or sell the children in this manner. If you have a firm desire for a specific gender, age group or certain region of residence, we will incorporate your request in any selection. You will be given a photograph of your sponsored child when you accept a quotation and this photograph will be updated each year. You will not however receive a photograph at the selection stage.

Project Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring a community project with a one-off contribution is a great way to add an immediate and significant improvement to a community of Nepal . A list of worthy projects waits funding in many communities and varies broadly in scope and nature.

Projects can be sponsored for as little as US$1,000.00 which will provide basic hygiene amenities to a village, or US$50,000.00 or more which will build a rural orphanage or a free child care centre for community users. FACE Nepal will develop project plans including timelines, costs and methods and will submit these for your consideration so you can select a project that satisfies you personally or meets your corporate goals; or if this level of detail is not required in advance, we can simply use your funds towards our next prioritized item.

Sponsor a community project that will provide valuable infrastructure for development, health and sanitation.For specific project sponsorship we request a deposit of US$100.00 to pay for the quotation and planning involved in the submission of project proposals for your consideration. If you wish us to simply use your funds towards our next prioritized item the deposit can be foregone.

A full feedback report and color photographs of any project investment will be provided along with bi-monthly feedback should the project be on going. Feedback can be formatted for corporate needs and will include details of the progress of the project as well as financial reporting on donations received and total expenditure.

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School Sponsorship

Sponsor a whole school!Many government schools operate with inadequate funding, poor resources and overcrowding. By sponsoring a school you can assist in:

  • Providing additional teachers
  • Building play ground facilities
  • Offering medical, dental and/or hygiene checks to students
  • Providing additional training to existing teachers regarding international best practice
  • Providing teaching resources and materials
  • Providing recreational equipment
  • Providing funds for cultural events and further internal fundraising activities

In sponsoring a school you may choose to offer a monthly contribution i.e. an additional teacher's wage is as little as Us $100.00 per month, or you may contribute a one-off donation. When sponsoring a school we encourage direct correspondence with the school principle to ensure the appropriate utilization of your funds and enable the school to directly correspond their appreciation.

Other Fees

FACE Nepal does not take any commission from sponsorships with 100% of your donation going to the nominated child, school or project. If planning or administration is required by FACE Nepal staff the cost of this assistance will be disclosed at the outset of your sponsorship. For example an administration contribution of USD$50 per annum is required in child sponsorships to enable us the check on the children, provide progress reports and coordinate all funding distributions.

For all project sponsorships where plans are prepared in advance and submitted for your consideration, we request a donation of US$100.00 for planning and quoting, administration, sponsor communication and feedback involved by FACE Nepal .

Applying to for a sponsorship

Please complete the registration form and submit it to us. We will respond immediately with an acknowledgement and then it will take up to 7 days to make the arrangements for your sponsorship to commence.

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