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Roxanne Meagher, USA: "Volunteering with Face Nepal is truly an adventure and a life changing experience. This organization really understands the meaning of peace and friendship. If you are having difficulties deciding on a volunteering organization, I believe Face Nepal has so much to offer and you will get back more than you expect." >> Read More
Volunteer Application Process:

1. Enter all information in the Volunteer Registration form below.
2. FACE Nepal will review your application within 5 days and will notify you regarding your being accepted into the volunteer program. You will receive an Email reserving your position.
3. To confirm your reservation as a volunteer you must send your flight arrival details and your application.
4. After we have received your flight details you will receive an email confirming your volunteer position and advising you of arrival and accommodation information.
5. Upon arrival in Nepal you will be asked to sign our Volunteer Code of Conduct and pay the program fees. For any other further enquiries please feel free to contact us.

Voluteer and other Registration Forms:

1. Individual Volunteer Registration
2. Team Building or Group Registration
3. Sponsorship Registration
4. Research Support Registration
5. Specialist Aid Registration

Please email the completed form as an attachment back to us at info@facenepal.org. If you have any questions concerning the application process please feel free to contact us.

Volunteer Programme Fee

FACE Nepal primarily relies on volunteer fees and donations to sustain its operation and fund project developments. If you have any questions or concerns about the fees outlined, we are happy to provide you an in-depth breakdown of the distribution of your funds.

FACE Nepal operates on a minimal overhead with most of its local members supporting the organisation in a voluntary capacity. As a result the majority of your Volunteer Fee goes directly to the community.

Application Costs

Volunteer Application Fees US$25 (Non- refundable) This fee covers the immediate design and coordination of your requested volunteer program and is payable upon your confirmation of attendance.

Team Project Application Fees US$100 (Non-refundable) This fee covers the cost of the program design, project cost analysis and other organisational planning and is payable upon your request for a detailed project proposal.

Programme Costs

The following fees are payable upon the commencement of your training in Nepal and are based around the duration of your stay. They are typically given in cash and you will be issued a receipt. If you would feel more comfortable transferring money in advance, we can arrange this- please email us

These fees are applicable to all volunteer programs commencing on or after 1st January 2015. Should you wish to start your program before then, you will get a lower fee. Please contact us

NOTE: Specialist skills may be exempt from fees and applicable to international sponsorship. Please enquire if you wish to investigate your applicability under this clause.

NOTE: Group project costs will differ if any additional needs are requested (i.e. conference facilities, alternative accommodation etc.)

DURATION OF VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COST (USD) (most other currencies are acceptable)

2 weeks: US$445
3 weeks: US$496
4 weeks: US$548
5 weeks: US$600
6 weeks: US$652
7 weeks: US$704
8 weeks: US$755
9 weeks: US$807
10 weeks: US$859
11 weeks: US$911
12 weeks: US$962
13 weeks: US$1,014
14 weeks: US$1,066
15 weeks: US$1,118
16 weeks: US$1,169
17 weeks: US$1,221
18 weeks: US$1,273
19 weeks: US$1,325
20 weeks: US$1,377
For more than 20 weeks Please contact us.

Cost Inclusions

These fees include:
• Volunteer's accommodation and meals from the commencement of training and including two additional nights upon completion.
• All volunteer transportation from airport to placement and from orientation, major sight-seeing around Kathmandu,
• Any volunteer orientation costs.
• All volunteer training costs.
• The cost of a project manager or assisting FACE Personnel to provide support to volunteers.
• The purchase of any necessary teaching/project materials.
• Contribution to host families.
• Contribution to FACE Nepal operating costs.
• Contribution to FACE Nepal project investments and supervision.

Cost Exclusions:

These fees exclude:
• Volunteer's Personal airfares and airport departure taxes
• Travel insurance
• Visa cost
• Beverages
• Personal excursions and travel
• Any other personal needs of the volunteer while staying with the host family


While any donated items are gratefully received by FACE Nepal, we do not ask for these from volunteers, and unfortunately these cannot be accepted in lieu of, or towards, program fees

Fundraising Opportunities or Personal Sponsorship

Should volunteers wish to undertake personal fundraising or seek sponsorship, FACE Nepal is happy to assist with any verification information you may need.

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