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      FACE Nepal: Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Daniel Lawrence Chairman of the Board
Daniel Lawrence
Chairman of the Board

Daniel is another former volunteer who came to Nepal for six months during 2010-11. He holds a Bachelor's degree in politics from the University of Durham and an MBA from the University of Manchester. He works as a Director in the Transport sector for a big four accounting firm and is based in London.

Country of residence: United Kingdom
Ann Bartholomew
Ann Bartholomew

Member of the Board

Ann came to Patihani as a volunteer in 2009 for five months and again as a member of the IBD in Oct/Nov 2010. During her first time in Patihani she learnt how FACE Nepal was set up, how it operates and also grew attached to the beautiful people here. Ann's role within the organization involves general support with particular responsibility for the Child Sponsorship Programme.

Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Zoë Dryden
Zoë Dryden

Member of the Board

Zoe Dryden is one of the founding members of FACE Nepal and has prior experience of aid agencies in Nepal as a volunteer. Zoe holds a BCA honors degree in Marketing and Management and has owned and run private companies in New Zealand and Australia. Zoe's particular role within FACE Nepal is volunteer support and liaison.

Country of Residence: New Zealand
Darren Pardon
Designation: Member of the Board

Darren first came to Nepal in 2011, where he worked on a Second Base project to extend the road in Kumiya. He is an Executive Board Member of Wales' leading law firm.

Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Helen MacDonald Designation: Member of the Board Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Vinita Schuerch
Designation: Member of the Board

Vinita comes from India and volunteered as a teacher of English on four visits to Nepal in the Saptari district and later, for FACE Nepal, twice in Ganganagar. She has a Master's degree in Education from Syracuse Universtiy, USA. For over 35 years, Vinita has been teaching English as a foreign language and working on teacher-training programmes in Switzerland

Country of Residence: Switzerland
Miguel Gonzalez
Designation: Member of the Board

Miguel came to Nepal in 2017 with his girlfriend, Carrie who had volunteered with FACE Nepal 10 years prior. During his visit he spent time learning about the history of FACE Nepal, how it operates and visited schools. Miguel is the Director of a school in the United States and hold a B.A. in English and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.

Country of Residence: United States of America

Nepal Based Team

Sheeram Devkota
Sheeram Devkota
Managing Director

Social worker and Principal of a Government school. Shreeram has worked closely with the local communities for more than 10 years and continues to support and advocate for them and their enviroment. Shreeram holds a masters degree in Education

Ashok Lamichhane

Programme Co-ordinator

Ashok is responsible for managing our volunteers and providing them with support from the moment they land in Nepal. He is also responsible for accounting and financial management and monitoring projects. He provides support to Shreeram in the mangement of the charity. He is studying for his BBS (Bachelor’s in Business Studies) and hopes to study for his Masters while continuing to work for FaceNepal.

Advisory Board

Chuderaz Timilsini


Holds a Bachelors degree in English and is a multilingual language teacher.

Jitendra Mohato


Received a Bachelors degree in Hotel Management, is multilingual and a prominent and proactive member of the Kumiya/Tharu community.

Tara Bista Member

Tara is the chairwoman of the Ganga mothers group in Chitwan and represents community groups on the board

Bavanath Adhikari Member

Holds a Bachelors degree in Science and is a prominent member and advocate of the community.

Shova Rijal

Shova owns and operates a village shop in Patalahara. As a mother of one of our sponsored children, Shova represents the interests of sponsored children on the advisory board