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Odette, Canada: "I have chosen to come with Face Nepal because the setting of the organization international board of director and advisory board and too because the program which I am involved seems to me very valuable. For these reasons I am confident that my contribution of money and work will be accounting properly.
I am very lucky, having the opportunity to share such a great experience here."
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Second Base is a customised leadership and team development programme run by former Nepal volunteers. Set in a compelling environment such as Nepal, this programme challenges and inspires participants to enhance their leadership style through well being, appreciation, empowering communication techniques and greater leadership awareness. Second Base believes in humility-based leadership, developed through contributing to worthy causes and working with the less fortunate.

Partner Organizations in Nepal- Often used for volunteer placements

• Shristi Youth Club Patihani
• New Amar Youth Club
• Community Improvement Society
• Shree Secondary School, Ganganagar

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